About Us

zedek creations owner and founder lilith hicks
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     Originally I learned about jewellery making from my mother, Celtic Treasure Founder: Anna Hicks. After learning enough, I branched out and began to experiment, and form my own personal style of creating jewellery. On a whim, I began to experiment with and learn about the ancient art of chainmail, and I soon found that I had a natural talent for this style. As I practiced varying types of weave, I began to tweak and alter them, adding my own personal twists to them.

Thus, Zedek Creations was born.

     More recently I have started creating a more affordable range of Scalemaille jewellery with brightly coloured anodised aluminium scales. I continue to work with my mother at Celtic Treasure.

All jewellery from Zedek Creations is handmade by myself, and is hallmarked when required.

Thank you to everyone who has,

and continues to support me.

Lilith Morrigan Hicks, Founder.