All of the jewellery for sale will carry my maker's mark, a fineness mark, a traditional fineness symbol, and a London hallmark WHERE NECESSARY*

A Hallmark is a guarantee of purity or fineness in precious metals. What is now recognised as a modern hallmark began in the year 1300 when Edward the 1st attempted to regulate the purity of craftsmens' items. An external group called "The Guardians of the Craft" were a group who went from shop to shop to assay the metals used by craftsmen and strike the "Leopard's Head" mark where necessary.

Modern hallmarks are applied by one of four assay offices in the UK. 





The pieces are tested for their purity and then the correct mark is applied using either a metal stamp or a laser. 

notice giving information about hallmarking laws in uk
*Any silver pieces below 7.78 grams in weight, or gold pieces below 1 gram are not legally required to be hallmarked and therefore any products purchased below this weight may not be hallmarked.